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Shopping malls


Keep track of customer flow with the help of counters, and remotely open and close doors to prevent unauthorized access to certain areas. Fast and easy browsing through camera views also ensures staff and customers are guarded from thefts and assaults, while lost children can be easily found and reunited with their parents.

Stores and supermarkets


By monitoring check-out queues, practices can be improved to be more fluent, customer-friendly and profitable. Improved customer service means shorter queues and sped-up service, improving customer satisfaction and making work easier on the staff. Monitoring customer behavior also gives insight on how to optimize your store layout based on areas with most activity, as well as prevent shoplifting and tampering with products.

Construction sites


The importance of safety is highlighted in areas with heavy machinery and hazardous materials. Ensure smooth operations by remotely following deliveries and weather conditions, and ensure safety by detecting dangers such as fires early so they can be stopped from spreading. Time-lapse video also makes it possible to follow how a project is coming along over a long period of time.

Small businesses


Thefts and robberies are a concern for any business, no matter their size. Unlike many larger more established ones however, small independent businesses don't always have the resources to replace stolen goods and equipment. Obseron provides business owners with the tools to secure the future of their business.



In industry there's no shortage of dangers in the workplace – robot work areas, areas for storing and handling hazardous materials, confined spaces, and areas with radiation or extreme hot or cold. By having eyes in places where it isn't otherwise safe to go, you can improve security by better spotting malfunctions. Monitoring processes also helps with finding bottlenecks in workflow.

Warehouses and logistics


Warehouses are full of valuable goods, making them tempting targets for criminals. A powerful deterrent is a security camera system which with Obseron also works to support access control. Survey loading docks, find misplaced packages, and clear up uncertainties when importing and exporting goods. Also keep an eye on security risks such as forklift collisions, falling platforms and high shelves to prevent serious incidents.

Service stations


Service stations can be accident-prone areas due to the large amount of daily traffic on and around the premises. And for locations where there isn't always staff present to keep an eye on things, such as self-service car washes, remote surveillance capabilities are vital to ensure things are working as they should. Obseron provides these capabilities to help improve safety and prevent potential misuses, such as fuel thefts.

Restaurants and bars


People come to restaurants to have a nice evening in good company. When potentially threatening situations and violent behavior are spotted right away, the situation can be difused before it has a chance to really even begin. The rest of the evening is guaranteed to go smoothly as well, when a quick glance at cameras in Obseron is all that's needed for staff to know which tables are full and how long the line outside is. Potential misuses during payment can also be prevented, and customers that try to leave without paying can be caught.

Housing companies


In apartment buildings it's not only important to keep the property of residents safe, but to also secure the premises from vandalism, such as unwanted graffiti. Obseron helps prevent things like bicycle thefts and break-ins into storage rooms, as well as potential misuses at parking spots, laundry rooms and recycling bins.

Seaports and shipyards


At shipyards and docks it's important to be able to follow how projects are coming along, as well as keep track of the large amount of goods and people passing through each day. Security cameras and Obseron's license plate recognition provide significant assistance in dealing with smuggling, suspicious packages and vehicles, as well as situations where goods have possibly been harmed or stolen.

Parking areas


Ensuring smooth flow of traffic is especially important in areas with lots of it to avoid collisions and accidents. Obseron's license plate recognition enables operating gates and barriers remotely, which in turn speeds up traffic by eliminating unnecessary traffic jams. Clearing up uncertainties is also easy after the fact when you have a clear record of which vehicles have passed through at what time.



School should be a safe space where children can concentrate on learning without worries or disruptions. Vandalism and trespassing on school grounds are only some of the things video surveillance helps prevent, making sure schools and playgrounds stay clean and safe. All threats don't come from outside the school however. Obseron makes it easier to better respond to problems stemming from within the school as well, such as bullying.

Stadiums and venues


Threats of terrorism and violence, as well as disruptive behavior, are often concerns at venues. And as the number of people increases, ensuring safety becomes increasingly more challenging. With Obseron it's easy to keep track of large groups of people, which in turn helps keep things running smoothly. And when patrons can enjoy an event without disruptions, they will want to keep coming back.



Passport control, security checks, check-in gates, shops and restaurants, parking lots – Obseron enables keeping track of events at all these locations and more. Keep track of luggage and ensure what may be lost finds it way back to its owner, monitor queues to redirect people and minimize wait times, and spot suspicious and dangerous behavior to ensure everyone's safety.


Hotels have a high customer-turnover, and creating the right kind of customer experience is vital to leaving each visitor with a good impression. This means not only investing in services, but also security so visitors feel at ease leaving their belongings in their rooms. Keep track of things with Obseron to improve hotel operations and ensure that the safety and privacy of your customers is well taken care of.

Financial institutions

Effective surveillance is vital to secure people and assets in financial institutions, such as banks. Unwanted attention attracted by money transportation and ATMs is only one of the factors that plays a part in this equation. Control traffic to critical areas remotely with Obseron to secure them from unwanted intruders, and react fast thanks to automatic notifications and motion detection alarms. Monitoring processes also enables you to improve customer service and shorten queues.