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Lightning fast to deploy and use

Compatible with existing systems

Obseron AI


Innovative Nordic technology

Obseron is a smart, reliable and lightning fast video management system. It knows real danger from false alarms and evolves with your changing needs.

You're up to the task. Time traveling to past events is instant.

Built-in motion detection records only when needed. Bars on the timeline indicate movement.

No time spent waiting. Recordings are accessed instantly.

What happened there? Area search shows events in a selected area.

Selected area shows only the events you are interested in.

A compilation of events can be played through from the timeline.

Why choose Obseron

Safe and secure

Users have access only to the features and cameras they have been allowed access to. Connections between server and client are always TLS/SSL encrypted.

Fair licensing

Licensing is perpetual based on connected cameras. No running fees or annual costs.

Easy to use

Searching through recorded footage or following events as they happen can be a difficult task. Obseron's intuitive user interface makes it a breeze.


Just drag and drop the cameras and widgets that you need per tab. The system grows with your needs and adding cameras afterwards is easy.


Support for most cameras and encoders on the market with ONVIF profile S and G. Works on Windows, Linux and macOS. Future proof your existing system with just a software update.

GDPR compliant

No worries. You can follow GDPR guidelines with Obseron's privacy features.

Not just a video recorder...

Security Camera


Protect both people and property. With an effective video surveillance crimes can be solved quickly but also prevented by detecting suspicious behavior.

Laser Cutting

Process monitoring

Monitor your processes in order to find bottlenecks in workflow, detect malfunctioning equipment and identify threats to prevent accidents.

Build a new system, or connect it to your existing one to bring it up to date. Systems can consist of one or more recorders, as well as remote clients.


  • Saves camera images on the local hard drive or NAS

  • Operates as a link between other components in the system

  • Operates either as a service or a graphic interface

  • Can be configured locally or remotely using a web interface


  • Remote viewing of recordings and real-time image from servers

  • Control room computers

  • Control room video walls

  • Server settings management on a web interface

  • Multiplatform

Mobile app

  • iOS and Android

  • Can be used on a smartphone or a tablet

  • Remote viewing of recordings and real-time image from servers

  • Use of controllable cameras (PTZ)

  • Area search from recordings

Frequently asked questions

Is Obseron priced per channel/camera?

A: Yes. Perpetual licensing is based on camera amount. No running costs or annual fees.

Is Obseron SaaS?

A: No.

What kind of hardware do I need?

A: In most cases a basic consumer PC is ok. If the system consists of multiple servers and tens of cameras, then we recommend proper server hardware with client workstations.

What does the price of Obseron license include?

A: Nearly everything. AI component, LPR / ANPR (License plate recognition) component and Point of Sales receipt flows need their own licenses. 

What type of support is available?

A: Drop us an email at or join our community at 
Support is free and fast, and will service Monday - Friday 7:00 - 15:00 CET.

Who are you? I've never heard of Obseron.

A: We are a small team of security enthusiasts based in Finland. We have been developing Obseron since 2003. You may have heard the old name of our product, Ksenos.

Start using Obseron right away!

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