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Installer for Windows
(7, 10, Server 12)

Packages for 64-bit Linux CentOS
(6, 7, 8)

App for 64-bit macOS (Big Sur)


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Set up

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Latest features

  • Tab layout video clips

  • Camera MAC address in settings

  • Multi-sensor Hanwha camera support

  • ONVIF audio backchannel support

  • Motion heatmap

  • NVIDIA decoder

  • Dahua event component

  • H.265 support

  • New integration tool for external intelligence called 'Components'

  • 30 day trial without a license

  • ONVIF profile G server

  • Messages widget

  • Operation system notifications (Windows and macOS)

  • DirectX support

Mobile App

Download Obseron app for Android and Ksenos for iOS. Obseron for iOS coming soon.