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New in Obseron 3


New image exporting

Export images with instant blur and unblur by dragging—perfect for privacy when sharing evidence. Easily adjust the resolution, with each image featuring a  watermark and optional timecode.


Obseron AI

An excellent way to add smart features to any video stream. High efficiency keeps your recorder running even with multiple AI instances in use. Obseron AI now detects people and vehicles. Detection of other objects and object tracking coming later. Licensed separately. Windows only.



The Slices feature combines bookmarks and timeline selections into one. You can add and list bookmarks as usual, but now you can also drag the start and end points. Slices can be exported into video clips and shared through the share box.


Login server

Centralized user management is now easier than ever. Add all users to one server and set the other servers to use the same as the login server.



Preview multiple camera images with ease by holding down the Ctrl button—an ideal feature for control rooms. Pick from your current view or seamlessly navigate through multiple tabs. Export images or videos featuring only the selected camera images.


New camera menu

The renewed camera menu allows you to select cameras even faster than before. You can filter cameras by server or group. The new search bar provides you with as-you-type results, and paginated thumbnail images are instantly scrollable.


Share box

Sharing items is now possible with the new share box feature. You can share slices that you have created and download slices made by other users. Additional items, such as maps and tabs, will be available for sharing in the future.


Blur Studio

A new AI powered tool to blur people in exported video. It automatically detects and blurs the people in footage. Final touch-ups for blurred areas can be made with a brush and eraser tools.



This feature opens up a world of possibilities for security automation and seamless integration with other systems. You can now integrate with access control systems, alarm systems, or even analytics software to create a comprehensive security ecosystem. See REST API Documentation to get started.


LDAP support

With support for LDAP, you can use Active Directory (AD) users and groups in Obseron. Windows only. See Using Obseron 3 with LDAP to get started.


Up to 8 x more cameras

Utilizing the lightness of secondary stream for most tasks, Obseron can now handle up to 8 times more cameras. The main stream can be raised to high resolution and frame rate. Tested on 32 Full HD cameras and an Intel i3 computer.


Ubuntu version

From now on, Obseron will also get versions for Ubuntu LTS.

It's time to optimize your workflow.

User Interface

Build a modular dashboard of camera images from multiple sources with just the tools you need, while maintaining a minimal and uncluttered design.

Obseron Servers


Clients and Control rooms

Mobile Devices




Accommodation to evolving needs

Build a new system, or connect it to your existing one to bring it up to date. Systems can consist of one or more recorders, as well as remote clients.

Widgets make work a snap


Keep track of cameras across multiple sites and locations. Attach several layers from different cities to single buildings and their floors, and directly access specific cameras. Have several maps open at the same time and use shortcuts to move between them.



Open doors, gates and boom barriers, and control PTZ cameras. Simply drag and drop the buttons to your desired spot, and make them easily recognizable with distinctive colors and icons.

Camera Changer

Control PTZ cameras with a mouse or a joystick, and use the number pad to select camera images to camera changers. Alarms and notifications are directed to selected windows, and if the camera is controllable, controls automatically switch to the selected camera.



Customize event colors and access attached recordings easily with one click. Status information and alarms sent to the alarm log are saved, and recordings can be browsed based on log entries.


Follow the counter to keep track of the number of people and vehicles passing through a surveyed area.

Automated functions ready to customize


Automate actions such as turning cameras, starting patrol rounds, and changing images within camera windows. Control external devices, open gates, create recording schedules, and set alarms, notifications, e-mail messages and events. You can also set actions directly using the buttons in the camera windows.

User Management

Create different levels of user permissions and allow access to user-specific camera images and functions. Preset functions include the automatic opening of a user’s own image views after sign-in.

360° Image Dewarping

Obseron fixes 360° image distortions and creates an image that can be maneuvered like one from a PTZ camera. You can open several different views of the same 360° image range, and the whole image range is saved even if the view is restricted to a certain area. Obseron is compatible with all ONVIF-supported IP cameras using fisheye optics. A fisheye camera needs only one camera license.


Motion Detection and Area Search

Perform an area search to quickly find movement in a certain area. Playback is based on Obseron's software-based motion detection and automatically jumps to the next recording.


Secure remote access at all times

Take your cameras wherever you go.

Mobile App

Obseron's timeline with time, calendar and area search functions is integrated into our mobile app. Control PTZ cameras easily by swiping your screen, and view real-time image feeds and recordings from cameras anywhere, anytime.


Remote Clients and Operating Systems

By adding remote clients, users won't need to be tied down to one workstation. Obseron is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS operating systems.

Safe and Secure

Users have access only to the features and cameras they have been allowed access to. Connections between server and client are always TLS/SSL encrypted.

A smarter system with integrated analytics

License Plate Recognition

Obseron's LPR feature opens vehicle gates or boom barriers automatically for vehicles that have been given free access. Restrict access by gate, time or number of openings, and browse through plate recognitions using different search criteria.

3rd Party Analytics

Integration with VCA (Video Content Analytics) enables the use of intrusion and tamper detection, object counters, people trackers, and much more.


Obseron Video Management Software

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